About SSA

In the beginning when you joined Second Life as we all did the first
thing that was on your mind was to create a unique and sexy shape to
enhance your appearance. Then you searched for the perfect skin,
eyes, hair and the list could go on forever!

But for everyone the first elements of an amazing avatar are always a
unique shape and a stellar skin once you have that the rest falls into
place. This ritual is the same for all when they are first born into
Second Life.

Sexy Second Life avatar is about just that! We are a company who
focuses on the avatar itself consisting of the shape, hair, eyes and
skin. We promote these things in our website, Facebook and magazine.
To help the newcomers and old see SL in a new light of creations that
creators have come up with. Our goal is to give everyone a better
understanding of sexiness in Second Life. We provide photographs of
avatars that we have chosen, And along with each photo that shows a
list of The skin, shape, hair, clothes and accessories that the model
has chosen to wear to project their unique sexy personality. Giving
the viewer the names and places along with landmarks to help readers
find the sexiness that they are searching for in their second lives,
because we all need a little more sexy in our world!


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